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I'm at the beach.

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He never seems to feel the cold.

Can you remember anything at all about that?

Fabio's car is parked in front of Elena's house.

Dan found out that Linda was wanted.

I was an art major in college at that time.

Who were you speaking to on the phone?

Christina quit his job last week.

Tell us what you want and we'll try to get it for you.

I believe you know what Marcus is doing.


Shawn confessed to killing Marsh.


I want a massage. I need to relax.


Don't be so tense.

Eventually you'll have to tell Jan.

He's the class clown.


The rebels did not only take hostages, but also set the entire village on fire.


I really have to go to bed.

He speaks neither English nor French.

Suyog arrived in Boston yesterday.


When they were not sure what caused the signals they detected, Jocelyn Bell and her college advisor D. Anthony Hewish labeled the signal LGM for Little Green Men. They thought it could possibly be a beacon from an alien source.

A lot of people attended Hilda's funeral.

Leila looks like a criminal.

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We have to take measures.

Dimitry needed training.

Did you take note of the telephone number?

The teacher caned the children if they misbehaved or were unable to recite their times tables.

I made a good profit by selling my car.

You are a troublemaker.

Do you like my new Halloween costume?

Is animal research ethical?

Just as one gesture can have many different meanings, many different gestures can have the same meaning.

Ed gave me a ride to school.

I could show you how this works.

To hear him speak English, you would take him for an American.

In English, "black tie" can mean more than just a tie that is black in color.

You can't say that it is a good hobby.

I really want to see him today.

He's still alive.

I hate being here.


Serdar is a bit of a sissy.

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I didn't give them a choice.


If you drink and drive, you're a bloody idiot.

Galen had to share a bedroom with his brother when he was younger.

He crept on all fours like a cat.

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How did you like the food at that restaurant?

If you don't hurry up, you'll never get to the village.

Charlie is out of your league.

I've lost my interest in living.

Have Giovanni report here tomorrow morning.

It'll be difficult to get them to give us a discount.

In his hand, lead became gold.

Suzan didn't sleep at all.

A low pressure area, cloudy with wind and sunny intervals, covers all of Scandinavia.


I really love what I do.


I got a message that you wanted to see me.

I fell down the stairs and hit my back very hard.

You're not invited to lunch.


Rees started the fight.


What makes a good journalist?

Is this really Monday?

We don't leave the office every half an hour for a cigarette.

He has a good record as a businessman.

Jeremy felt his cell phone vibrate in the inside pocket of his jacket.

These walls aren't soundproof.

His heart was not in his work, nor did he take any pride in it.

You need to shut up.

I need your clothes and bike.

No one would want to hurt me.

But isn't he above the law?


Antony was with his family last weekend.

May I speak with Judy?

We talked.

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I keep the book at hand.

Does it matter to you how much it costs?

I skip ads on videos whenever I can.

What should I do in order to save time?

Those who work hard will succeed.

He is a poet worthy of the title.

We have to make the most of this situation.


Pierce slipped a folded slip of paper into my hand.

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Ed is getting away.


I knew that I could beat Glen.


I gave it to Sergiu.


Volunteers are needed.

Jay is still living in exile.

For what reason?

We went to each other's weddings.

Is it true that your girlfriend is Japanese?

The beast is alive, awake and hungry.

Loren is celebrating his thirtieth birthday.

Did you love Dawson?

Rafael said he thought he heard voices in the next room.

I jumped on the opportunity.

Do you know for sure that these are real diamonds?

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That's going to be difficult.

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Lori did his part well.

Marco went out.

Yes, we have been friends since our childhood.

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The international code for calling Italy is 39.

The world is full of idiots.

Those thought Tracy's skirt was way too short.


I'm just doing what needs to be done.


Liz was often teased in school.


Johnny doesn't speak French as well as Masanao does.

"When you woke up this morning, what gave you the belief that this moment was possible?" "No."

I missed the deadline.

Everyone's saying it.

He dug a hole using a shovel.


Dave will be back in less than thirty minutes.

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Leave my camera alone.


Better not to yearn for impossible dreams.


It's so much fun.

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They were terribly upset.

He could not go to college.

I have to pay this bill by Monday.


Is your school far from your home?

Srinivas's eyes lit up.

What are the charges in this hotel?

Who controls it?

Gabriel prefers the calamansi juice.

Everyone went to sleep.

When we started out in this business, many people said that we would fail.

Your cat isn't very affectionate, isn't he?

The decision whether I should see her is mine alone.

Is his failure ascribable to incompetence or to bad luck?

The older girl is visiting at her friend's.


Eddie and I are friends.

What do you do for the government?

You're really a good cook.

Where are my shoes?

You didn't do anything that I wouldn't have done.

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Phil never showed up.

I've got two brothers and a sister.

We ate Peking duck in the Chinese restaurant.

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He lives in a small town in the hinterlands.

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Bush never violated the Geneva Convention.

I'll take that.

I left everything in my room.

Where could she be?

He seemed okay when I saw him.


I didn't have time to watch TV yesterday.

The enemy fired a volley of shots at us.

His poem reads as follows.

Vijay enjoys woodworking.

I love her, but the feeling is not mutual.


He has to maintain a large family on a small salary.


Rogue and Raja got married.


It's bigger than you.

It's my first date with Julia.

I took a cab to the station.

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It appears that she might change her mind.

I want to thank you for your time.

Add a few words before I seal the letter.

Morris and Thuan are cousins.

I have to memorize these hunded English vocabulary words by tomorrow, but I wonder if there's any possible way.