Did you know that Vijay is planning on moving to Boston?

How about a sandwich?


I'm not falling for that again.

I didn't do everything they told me to do.

I need some time with Erwin.

This is due to conservation of angular momentum.

As soon as the land of any country has all become private property, the landlords, like all other men, love to reap where they never sowed, and demand a rent even for its natural produce.

Ti wasn't homosexual, but Sumitro's friends told Tomas's girlfriend Kimberly was gay.

She applied for a visa.

Tovah could swim like a fish before he turned eight.

I saw Pablo's picture.

Why is Sergio mad at you?

Many tried to carry out the deed of the intrepid mountaineer.

Man who preys both on the vegetable and animal species, is himself a prey to neither.

To govern a country is no easy job.

It might be a long time before you see me again.

He gave them a lift to the town.

Here are the findings of our report.

What made you come here?

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It finally stopped raining towards evening.


There's the exit.


No funny business!

He who loves not wine, woman and songs, remains a fool his whole life long.

He was really cute and I liked him a lot. But then he broke up with me.

Eliot asked Anton to sweep the floor.

There's quite a lot of things to do; do you want some help?

How long have you been in Kushiro?

This is the gladdest I've seen him since his mother died. He'd been in a funk for so long and, God, I was so worried about him.


Tough decisions need to be made.

We can do anything.

I must go, it's late!

Compared with those in America, Japanese marriages rarely end in divorce.

What am I supposed to say to Jinny?


You will wait.


I don't suppose it's going to rain.

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We could still have breakfast together.

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What fine houses!

Neal works the late shift.

He's the tallest in the class.


People will accept your idea much more readily if you preface it by telling them that Benjamin Franklin said it first.


This guide book will help you to make plans for the trip.

This could be interesting.

I must talk with him.

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King John honored his treaty with Spain.


There are no restrooms in this building.


This is not a game.

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I told Marty I wanted to go with him.

An alpaca looks like a horse and a camel.

Did Timo tell the truth?

I hear you've done some pretty extreme stuff.

You should read a book like the one he is reading now.

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Francisco is peeling the potatoes.

Donne, you would make a great father.

All I found are pictures of you.

Are you my friend?

Do you like flying?

What exactly was the plan?

No worries, you aren't ready to talk about the company, which is useful.

We took care of that.

Clay is sitting in the car.

Wherever you go, I will follow.

We've become quite fond of one another.


Tell me where you got it.

Do I look like I have time?

Mickey got off with a fine.

It's better not to take candy from strangers.

I just didn't want you to think I was stingy.


They're all chasing him.

I did everything I could today.

He has red spots all over his body.

Betty is amusing, isn't he?

You don't need to pay for your lunch.

Gregge sat calmly.

Ah! my dear girl, I would love to see you become the wife of a good farmer and be one of our neighbours.

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You speak so quietly I can barely hear you.

Mehrdad plays quarterback on our high school's football team.

Does she like her new job?

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Darren got these tickets for free.


She is in the kitchen.


Bruno became too ill to manage the store.

I'll call him in a few minutes.

It's the only one I had.

None of them could understand.

Spike had to repeat first grade.

She hired a private investigator.

Their stories are tightly intertwined.

I spoke to Jesper this morning.

Gene didn't say why.

She was on the scene of the crime.

He seems to be rich.

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I am pegging up my baby's clothes.

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Do you want me to finish it?


I'm not married yet.


My dad goes out for a walk every morning.

Danger makes mute.

Reid, don't die.

Russ asked everybody the same thing.

I really need to go home and catch some zees.


The engagement of Mr Rogers and Miss Smith was announced yesterday.

She talks a lot about his father.

From now on, they can do whatever they like.


It's very difficult to communicate with people from other cultures.


Gerald is undeterred.

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Language is one of man's most important inventions.


When Cristopher lost his job, he couldn't keep up his mortgage repayments and he was threatened with foreclosure.


I have a child with Down syndrome.

You always were one of my best students.

We're in store for a recession.

She received a letter from her, but it only contained a few cold words.

Don't say anything that might get you into trouble.

Russell had a mild heart attack.

I told him to stop, but he did it anyway.

I am not sure if I can do that but I will at least try.

You can rely on his proven ability.

When did you get a dog?

Where's my hat?

I submit that it would constitute a very dangerous precedent.

Both kangaroos and opossums are marsupial animals.

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Where did you see them?

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This is your doing.

That looks really bad.

The weather in Florida is generally moderate.

I've never seen you here before.

Can you really not swim?


Which box do you like better?

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I know who it is.

That comedy really made me laugh.

I've got an exam in a few minutes, and I'm going to fail for sure.

I'll be glad to get it for you.

You'll feel nothing.

A person who suffers before it is necessary suffers more in life than is necessary.

Hello, this is Mike.


Even though Lester has a very demanding job, he always makes time for Raanan and the kids.

Nichael has a severe headache.

I suddenly felt old.

I had hardly walked for a few minutes when it began to rain.

Craig pretended that he was sick.

That doesn't sound too dangerous.

I think Rajeev is persistent.

There are stores along the street.

As usual, Cathryn got up early in the morning and swam.

I'm sure Sri would've agreed.

You have beautiful blue eyes.

I'll be right outside.

When we're finished, we can leave.

The tiger laid in the middle of the cage.

I'm here with them.

Don't you love cats?

They've all left.

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Maybe Kee wants to sleep a little longer.

Ahmet will never give up.

I look forward to meeting you.

How was that decision made?

I am looking forward to the summer vacation.

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Daniel doesn't act like a leader.

Why aren't you helping them?

I couldn't sleep, thinking about it.


She wants to marry her daughter to a doctor.

Val married a rich girl.

Can you take this letter and drop it in the mailbox?