He didn't see a thing.

The yen is expected to lose value against the dollar.


It is strange that he should say such a thing.

The proportion of people who smoke increased in the last ten years.

There is a shared language.

I order you to do your homework right away.

You can't judge Nils by ordinary standards.

Encryption technology has advanced to the point where it's pretty reliable.

What time do you wake up every day?

We can't do this without him.

Let's wait and see what happens in the next couple of weeks.

May I have the next dance?

Patricio arrived just as we were about to leave.

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I don't know whether Miriamne believes in God or not.

The pastor is nourished by the church.

I still don't know how to thank you.

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This clock is far more expensive than that.

It's pretty early.

People in general have faith in everything newspapers say.

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Get them something to drink.

I booked one.

There were a pile of binders on the desk.

This team rocks!

Miriamne snuck into Wade's house.

Is everything in position?

Next Monday is a holiday.

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This is an exceptional case.

I think they saw you.

Steve never did anything for anybody, except for himself.

Jeff wouldn't allow us to do that.

He has two children who are the same age as me.


I heard that Knut has been arrested for killing her husband.

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I've seen it all.

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Mitch is also a cancer survivor.

I'll send flowers.

How would I have known that?

I don't know anything about racing.

There are no more than two villains in Gotham.

I didn't touch anything.

Mann and Tomas decided to give things another chance.

When I was in elementary school I thought, from the bottom of my heart, that the teachers were great people and I was influenced by the teachers' attitudes and moral lessons, but middle school was just a business like any other.

Hurry up, otherwise you'll be late for lunch.


You have to melt chocolate in a double-boiler so it doesn't burn.

The question remains unresolved.

Marjane caught the cat.


Who are you hiding from?

She ran as fast as she could.

The proliferation of Internet usage has given birth to a new generation of young people.

Tharen can understand you.

Maurice made everything.


Japan must take over that role now.

Alex was an adventurous boy.

Sanche is adorable.


Yvonne had a mental breakdown.


She's like a tigress.


She was visiting me regularly.

We have fun here.

Why did Deb commit suicide?

She shed plentiful tears when her beloved dog was killed in an accident.

No matter how sneaky you are, you can never surprise yourself.

Hunter used to be the fastest swimmer on our team.

They died while waiting to be rescued.

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Fill in the blanks.


I hate sports, and so should you.

Humanity has never had it so good.

How did Konrad like it?

You must keep this plan a secret as there may be some changes yet.

We have five fingers on each hand.

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He has gone to Spain.

"I can count from 1 to 100 in French now." "Wow, that's great. How about counting backwards from 100 to 1?" "No, that's still impossible for me."

We need a bit more time to prepare.

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Dimetry asked me to wake him up at six-thirty.

I can't help but feel that when I come here, all my senses are sharper than usual.

I need to know what you saw that night.

I wish I were as rich as Seenu.

I'm expecting a visitor, so I can't go out now.


Bob is rather busy at the moment.

I got my driver's license today.

I already apologized.

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Let's have a snowball fight.

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The house has pipes under the ground to carry dirty water away.

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I feel like Rafael got the short end of the stick.

I'll meet her at the library.

I think Edmund is still in Boston.

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The doctor suggested that he give up smoking.

The man blew out his own brains.

Cheese is made from milk.

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Sit down and close your eyes.


The struggle ended in a satisfactory settlement.

My major is agriculture.

The scholarship enable her to go to college.

I'm finally where I want to be.

Alberto wants revenge.

The baby is sleeping in the cradle.

His cat climbed up on the kitchen table and found some tasty meat.


Who is the author?

I want to see you now.

We are in agreement on this subject.

I received great benefit from your teaching.

My older brother is really tall. He's about 180 centimeters.

His humanness is not to be compared with yours.

Did Ken say what he wanted?

To talk about it is a waste of time.

It's no joke.

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Pierre is more than my friend, but he's not quite my boyfriend.

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It is no concern of our firm.

I'm so glad you've come.

You might want to be a little more careful next time.


You can't tell Amos not to go.

Happy are those who love flowers.

Maybe he's dead.

I'd like to know what Janos is up to.

Your friendship has great value to me.


That's the thing about people who think they hate computers. What they really hate is lousy programmers.


You didn't fool me.

The truth is sometimes submerged, but it doesn't drown.

An income tax is levied on any income that exceeds deductions.


I know my keys are here somewhere.

A car was coming in this direction.

Where on earth do you suppose she is going in the dead of night?

I don't give second chances.

Are you content with your present salary?

Plastic would never do anything like that.

I'm surprised that you didn't know that Malus couldn't speak French.

Stop gawking.

He likes playing soccer with a lot of people watching.

Water finds its level.

Rees won't give you what you want.


That's a total lie.

I'm going to miss him.

Why do I have to help Roxie?


We should've been more focused.

We've done it many times before.

A few years ago, our room had little furniture in it.


They destroyed the native civilization.

Could you please close that window?

In those days, few people went to college.

Now you're flying over the Alps.

Brandy fell asleep on the job.

You are complete.

He is mean.


I have spent more than two-thirds, if not all, of the money for a new car.

You're always all talk and no action!

Barry smokes three packs a day.

The final match was not so exciting.

We're leaving for Boston in an hour.

This is how they catch an elephant alive.

Jimmy tried to cajole his parents into letting him drive across the country with his friends.


You were very ugly last night.

The real is for me, but fiction.

I have always had faith in you.

He went to the University of Kansas.

How long do I have to wait for delivery?


I hope this will make it easier to get a grasp of the meaning and to memorize the newly learnt words.

He was irritated by her delay.

Skef doesn't have to go there by himself.


Honzo didn't have long to wait.


I got us two tickets to Louise's concert.


Dalton grinds his teeth in his sleep.