And by force you would never take him.

I want to get up and dance.


This afternoon, we sang together at our house.

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Should I be talking to her?

I eat an apple.

It's the result of a bunch of arbitrary designs decisions made by one guy.

All those who take up the sword shall perish by the sword.

I'm worried about you.


I have to think of my children.


Halloween is still weeks away.

Alex's body was cremated.

I email my pen pal every Saturday.

Please don't worry about me.

His indignation got the better of him.

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Ask, and it shall be given to you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened to you; for every one who is asking doth receive, and he who is seeking doth find, and to him who is knocking it shall be opened.

We arrived on the island two days later.

Did you go to school today?

One cannot trust surveys.

Valentin left for work earlier than usual.

The two players in the lead earned the same number of points, so the competition will go into a tiebreaker.

This is the same room we met in last time.

I had to know more.

Guido was talking to Michelle with a smile on his face.

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Aren't you going to report it?

Let me talk to you.

He has some experience in teaching English.

Audrey was sad and upset.

Let me explain it to her.

Couldn't we wait a little longer?

I don't feel like eating at all.

This is by far the tallest building in this city.

The road ascends steeply from that point.

I am a bit hard up now and I can't afford such an expensive meal.

This is not Hebrew. It's Yiddish.

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They're not going to give up.

Idle hands are the devil's workshop.

I don't keep a diary.


You haven't fallen in love have you!? I won't have it! Having that man become my brother-in-law; I absolutely hate that!

Revised looked like a truck driver.

Julie asked Sergei why she was crying.

He's so stupid.

She had been ill for a week when the doctor was sent for.

I had my T-shirt washed.

Leo gave his account of the murder to police.

When was John Kennedy assassinated?

I could not bear to see the scene.


I want to apologize for the way I acted last night.


Take your sweater so that you may not catch cold.

I'll do nothing of the sort.

Before bearing fruit, orange trees bloom with orange blossoms.

Chinese diver Chen Aisen earned a perfect score on his last dive.

We give a 10% discount for cash.

We took a turn around the city in our car.

He is numbered among the greatest scientists in the world.


Even the most beautiful rose will someday wilt.

Cultivate the wilderness.

The man is a policeman.

I doubt if Johann would see it that way.

We have food.

A person who is only a pawn in the game often talks big in company.

He'll succeed for sure.

Norm looked distant and distracted while Nici told him her life story.

Move your finger left or right to see another animal.

Mum is busy working.

Stop frowning.

My birthday is coming soon.

This is a bag of her own making.

The old woman lived in a 3 room apartment by herself.

In order words, it is a matter of common sense.


Only Chernobyl comes to mind whenever I think about the Ukraine. Oh, and Serhiy Nazarovych Bubka, right?

Have you seen that thick book?

Yeah, I got a new job but it's nothing to write home about.

And the teams competed with each other to try to kick the ball through this hole.

May I have the key?

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I think you ought to give Taurus a call.

I want to hear more.

Patricio doesn't want to make Lori angry.

There are several choices.

How was Naoto's party?

His sharp words seemed to hurt her.

There's no point arguing with Svante.

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I love strawberries on Christmas cake.

In the long run your interest is better served by benefitting those below than those above.

Do you recycle?

I really want to see Siping today.

It was interesting and amusing.


John is likely to make a mistake.

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My daughter never fails to write to me at least once a week.

What if all days were Saturday?

It was our secret.

The train connections at this station are excellent.

I remembered your birthday this year, didn't I?

Thanks for the photo.

The meat is only half cooked.

Everyone likes a peacock dance.

That's strange.


Thanks, Sherlock.

Ravi doesn't remember my name.

Footsteps outside the house. It sounded like someone jumping from the wall.

He was trembling with rage.

I don't ski, but I really like to skate.

You're going to regret this.

It won't be a problem.

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The pupils are looking forward to the upcoming excursion.


The relationship "A loves B" is not reflexive, transitive, or symmetric.

How will he pay his debts?

He was in critical condition.

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There was more bad than good in him.

The road to freedom: hard to climb.

She takes singing and dancing lessons, not to mention swimming and tennis lessons.

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The passengers all went aboard the ship.


Dick tried in vain to solve that problem.

It is essential to get at the heart of the matter, no matter what they are.

The roar of their own cannons was extremely loud.

That's what happened to Rayan.

I don't want to miss the party.

I broke my gas-powered rice cooker so I got an induction rice cooker instead.

I am getting fat!

He is always in the background.

It's for the greater good.

I learned a lot about Boston.

I will not want to redo it.

I've been blessed.

It's good training.

We sell goods on commission.

You're being paranoid.

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Must I leave at once?

I spend a lot of time watching TV.

Do you go to school on foot?


Aimee needs to have a rest.


The lives of most people are determined by their environment.


What is needed is more time.

I can't take it any more.

"A rolling stone gathers no moss" is a proverb.

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There are ten people in this room.

It all happened kind of fast.

It's a confidential matter.

It wasn't so simple.

The fluency of your English is amazing.

How long does it take to walk to the city hall?

You're starting to sound just like Radek.


Do you remember where he left his umbrella?

You would be saved a great deal of trouble.

First things first, let's go to the girl with her head in the clouds.

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Tyrannical governments frequently put their political opponents in prison.

They have branches all over the world, from Calcutta to New York City.

We want what we want.


The whole world is one country, every person is your cousin.

I don't have to worry about finding a job.

Remember to cross your t's.


Marc is standing over there near the fireplace.

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I'd recognize you anywhere.

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You won't like him.

The boy is a credit to our school.

The water in this village is contaminated by arsenic.

Why didn't you tell us there was a witness?

Raanan is studying hard.


This isn't your cup of tea.

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Jarmo wants to work in a hospital.

The robots never get sick or complain and they can work 24 hours a day.

She grew worse instead of better with years, and, unfortunately, she was pretty, which caused her to be excused, when she should have been sharply reproved.

I have to admit that you're right.

I wanted to find who was responsible.

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Tell me what you use this for.