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I want to apologize for what I did.

What did Shakil say happened?

I work in the morning.

Even if only one Russian hamlet remains, even then Russia will revive.

Ravindran speaks French as well as Pascal does.


He is jealous of her talent.

Why do you have to belittle people all the time?

What's your favorite beverage?


There seems to be something peculiar about the boy.

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Bonnie said he was heading to the airport.

We'll leave theory to the mathematicians.

That depends, but usually about three times a week.

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He looks terrific.


How wonderful that you passed the examination.

Suu and Eddy are engaged.

Nobody respects my country.

You are easily distracted.

Do you have any foreign books?


Rupert must have nerves of steel.


Murat will tell us how we can help.

You shouldn't even try making sense of it.

He got what he deserved.

Ima decided to buy the car Marian was trying to sell.

Hunter knew that it was hopeless.


Harv doesn't like how Sumitro laughs.

Everyone is very proud of you.

Anita thinks he's ready.

The noonday sun beat down with dazzling brightness on the tennis court.

Ellen became Graeme's best friend.

Hold on a minute. My shoelaces are untied.

Not one friend came.

Raphael barely speaks French.

It won't be the same here without you.

I put the gifts in the attic so you wouldn't find them.

Let's see what Jared has to say about Vick's plan.


What have you got your knickers in a knot about this time?

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Did you have a nice weekend?

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I stayed inside all day today.

The Elbe Philharmonic Hall is a symbol of HafenCity, a new quarter of the German city Hamburg.

We're free!


I saw Murray hitting Sundaresan.

Sharada said he didn't know who to give it to.

She got me a tiny toy.


Usually newspapers and magazines have many opinions.


I think Joanne is mistaken.

What was Jamie's reaction?

She died less then a year later.

Cut your coat according to your cloth.

The eagle had to be fed by hand.

Where will the concert be held?

I blanched.

All I want is directions.

Have you ever burnt your coat with a cigarette?

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We can't afford to buy a new car.

There are too many adverts on youtube.

What's this sound?

You're the expert, Jianyun.

How does one live in a country where there is no freedom of the press?

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He took me aside in order to whisper in my ear.

The land came into the market.

Mariou handed Honzo a list of questions.


He is poor, to be sure, but he is happy.

He was ashamed of having done such a thing.

His broken arm was the result of a slip on the ice.


She advised him to stop taking that medicine, but he felt he needed to.

I don't know much about today's revolutions.

There will be no bargaining on this issue.

Reid resigned today.

When the farmer drops dead off the tractor, then at the edge of the forest, there must be a reactor.

You're not afraid, are you?

They do not understand.

A sentence contextualizes words.

Toufic and I were alone.

I'm going to have to call the police.

She just called to make sure that you were safe.

We could write them a letter.

You hurt me.


It beats me how she could have gotten that secret information.

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I don't think Anita really has time to help.

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A cheetah runs as fast as any animal.

Merely to breathe does not mean to live.

We must work hard to make up for lost time.


What's the best way to learn French?

He laid down his pen and looked at me.

The scientific truth of evolution is so overwhelmingly established, that it is virtually impossible to refute.

My maternal grandmother persists in wearing that old-fashioned dress.

I like Sachiko better.


Hank demoted you.

Jarmo didn't like the way Linley cooked vegetables.

Employers sometimes exploit their workers.

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I have a lot of deliveries today.

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I need a grammar guide.

I was impressed by Debbie's skill.

Sandra and Dannie played draughts.


There was a rapid decline in stock prices.

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Sabrina won't get away with it.

The discussion went on till late at night.

Even though he was sick, he went to school.

Draw your own conclusions.

Why is this happening to us?

I can feel everything you feel.

The yeti chased up back to our car and we drove away as fast as we could.

It has been a long time since I was in my hometown.

The clasp on this necklace is broken.

Page promised to never be late again.

Dick took a labouring job, but he just couldn't hack it after a few days.


It is a fish.

Have you heard that a psychic dwarf just escaped from prison? There's a small medium at large!

Oh, you know what?

Randell couldn't get the tickets you asked him to buy.

When it came to the crunch she just gave in.

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He is selling it just as it is.


Nobody suspected.

I like almond milk.

Follow me and I will show you the way.

He had to learn to accept that failures were necessary milestones on the road to success.

You'll have a great time.


They're way too calm.


Finding an apartment can be difficult.

I don't know much about politics.

Some Asian men wear make up.

It's a serious commitment.

If you don't practice a word at least once, you can't learn it.

Brenda never seems interested in talking about sports.

That belongs to us.

"Now, I want you to speak very slowly and very clearly. Can you do that for me?" "I guess so."

We're studying French.

We offered him the house for $300,000.

The police commissioner said that he would in no way, shape, or form discuss the details of the matter, as it was the subject of ongoing investigations.


You'll have to ask him that.


Tricia is really selfish.

We must be missing something.

Logic is the beginning of wisdom, not the end.


Monolingualism is the illiteracy of the 21st century.

She was a kind person.

Look, he's approaching.


They bound his legs together.

Do you have a child?

I guess Masanao was in Boston.


We all find her behaviour abhorrent.

Where can we find you?

This should solve all your problems.


I see someone waving a white flag.

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I hope we don't get into trouble.

Roberta has two jobs.

Francois doesn't feel like playing outside today.

He opened the door for her.

This had better be good.

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I had him mend my watch.

I am going to work in Osaka next year.

This building is near completion.

We'll figure it out.

That's one option.

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Roland just doesn't want to hear this.


Do you like Japanese food?

Should you really be doing that?

This is my bicycle.