Both of Kerri's parents died when he was just a baby, so he doesn't remember either one of them.

That was a sign.


She wanted me to lie.

Axel didn't have time to finish eating.

All of us aim at success.

The minister elected one of his close friends to a key position.

You texted me, didn't you?

Mechael is no liar.

Could you please be quiet?

The British have a lot of respect for law and order.

Tuna baked Kolkka an apple pie.

The Joneses pay their servant by the week.

Yoko is unable to buy a computer.

I thought you lived with Victor.

Luckily nobody was badly hurt when the truck ran into the school building.

I was astonished at the news.

Everybody is supposed to know the law, but few people really do.


My brother Bernard's wife Griff's father, John, is visiting from Boston.

You don't know who did it, do you?

I suggest you don't ask Antony those questions.

Remove that jacket.

When a man cries, he is strong. When a woman cries, she is being hysterical.

Do you think I might win?

I wish I knew her name.


What do you want to eat?


I have to take him home now.

I happen to know Hughes rather well.

If anyone can do it Bill can.

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God does not exist.

He'll soon catch up with Stephanie.

It was nice to see you again.

Please let me know when you are ready to order.

You're doctors.

It just won't work.

Add sixty grams of grated cheese.

It's too bad that you are leaving here.

Is there time?

Mr White teaches us English.

Someone's trying to kill us.

Arlene has been trying to learn how to juggle.

You had better put on your crash helmet.

You've got a strong will.

Where do you suggest we start looking?

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How much does that cost?


I was seen to break the window.

Many people these days are asset-rich but time-poor.

Did everyone have a good time?

Would you mind my smoking here?

This place is dangerous.

The difference between you and me is that I'm actually interested in trying to do the right thing.

Tracey had been in the wrong place at the wrong time.

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He is always himself, and he never put on airs.


I can't blame you for dreaming.


Lee has a small dog named Truman. I once thought it was because the dog was straightforward, like the former U.S. president. In fact, the dog's gold-and-black hair called to mind the colours of the Missouri football team, whose mascot is also named Truman.

My husband caught a cold and he's resting in bed.

He is very a dangerous man.


Douglas told me all about you.

Charlene has other business to attend to.

I still believe you cheated me.


Since you don't believe me, look for yourself.

Welcome home, my love!

No one in the neighborhood believed him to be a genius even after he had achieved world-wide fame.

I have three grown sons.

I want to be able to speak English.

Susumu helped Sorrel with her homework.

Mr. Curtis, won't you please sit down again?

You got lucky.

I'm a high school student.

Oleg handed a note to me.

Fair words fill not the belly.

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I won't be here long.

I'm feeling really confident now.

Saudi women are not permitted to leave their country without their husbands.

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This coffee is not hot enough.

Petr has been in there for a long time.

I thought that was interesting.

His face was red and he felt hot and uncomfortable.

I felt bad afterwards.

Because they "could not both support wife and airplane" the two brothers spent their lives as bachelors.

Kikki sat at the bar by himself.


There's a woman waiting to see you.

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Larry Ewing is drunk.

There is no rest for the poor.

We'll talk to Susanne.

My mom bought me a new skirt.

Can we find anybody that knows this town?

I got what she was saying.

Riding a bike that doesn't have brakes is a pretty stupid thing to do.


I went without food for a week.

Mayo has been charged with first-degree murder.

Save for a rainy day.

Is this an early attempt at cake making?

I brought you some coffee.

Kiki should be waking up pretty soon.

Shean rummaged through the contents of her purse, but couldn't find what she was looking for.


You're not going there by yourself, are you?

Keep your elbows off the table.

I can give you medication for the pain.

There are few, if any, supporters of the plan.

It was very cold yesterday, so I stayed at home.

Suzanne's engaged.

She was heard playing the violin.


I have no intention whatever of resigning.

Yeah, that's what I'll do.

Would you be interested in having dinner with me?


My grandpa is out of step with the younger generation.

Shirley always leaves everything to the last minute.

In this country, everyone is spying on everyone.

Arne shoved Rex out of his way.

Entities must not be multiplied beyond necessity.

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Will I get to the station if I take this road?


A cube has six sides.


1 = ln(e)

Jerrie is mocking Ken.

She resides in New York.


I'm pretty sure my drink was drugged.

Like father like son.

Vassos looked at himself in the bathroom mirror.

She excels her class in music.

I repeat it, and say that the world is but a flock of sheep.

Casey has fully recovered.

Can we hide in your basement?

Please give me some ice for the water.

The soldiers are going through severe training.

Eliot's glass was empty.

It's really OK.

Let's wait and see what happens.

Kieran spent all his time working.


Mohammad looks like a hero to me.

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Lucy decided to reveal her love.

When the program finished, we switched the radio off.

We meet again in three hours.


These tenants get older.

I have broken my favourite bracelet.

Lar's a liar.

He invented an excuse for being late.

I do believe in miracles.

I have lost all respect for you.

Basketball is a lot of fun.

I wanted Alastair to see me in this suit.

I just wanted to speak to them.

Maria wants to set up a meeting.

They got married in Las Vegas.

Sometimes I wonder whether or not there's a point to all of this.

Ragnar makes furniture.

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I believe in many different spooky things.


Hy retired at 65.


Takeuchi is a consultant.

Like most other squirrels, flying squirrels live high up in the treetops.

The drunk driver drove his car straight through the wall of the house and into a bedroom.

My cram school is a long way from here.

I'll give that to them.

Is it hard to learn French?

Have you ever accidentally taken a big gulp of seawater?

She stopped reading the newspaper.

They make a great team.

What did Shah Jahan build?

Now it would be better to keep a sharp lookout for what he might do.

I want to show you something first.

Stephe tried to blend in with the crowd.

Some indigenous tribes in Brazil are threatened by loggers.

They say red wine is better with meat than white.

Judith assumed Peter wouldn't be at the party.

Air is polluted in cities.

I couldn't help them.

Whose house is opposite to yours?

I can't keep this up.

The evening was quiet and cloudy.

I never thought that he could be ill.

I truly doubt it.