Crypto Strategy and Consulting Services

Do you currently own cryptocurrencies or are you looking to start a portfolio?

My name is Jackie Liu and I tweet 201-201-0586. My opinions are sought after by crypto project teams, reporters and individual investors. With an extensive knowledge of distributed systems, blockchain technology, and international business – I provide paid consultations to help you access the information you need to successfully manage your own portfolio.

Coin Analysis

Name any crypto project and get the technical low-down on its strengths & weaknesses, competitors, and likelihood the team can successfully deliver on its roadmap. Using comparable analysis with traditional companies & similar blockchain projects, we can determine a possible price target based on network value, addressable market and circulating supply.

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Portfolio Allocation

Let’s go over some model portfolios, capitalizing on upcoming themes in the crypto market at different levels of risk/reward, from speculative altcoin portfolios (whitepaper or alpha stage projects) to balanced portfolios concentrated on proven coins focusing on store and transfer of value. 


Digital Security

Nothing is more important than keeping your cryptoassets safe from hackers. As a professional Linux sysadmin & cybersecurity expert, I can help you safeguard your private keys using a method that balances ease of use and protection against your desired threat model — from running a full node on your computer to air-gapped, offline transaction signing. 


Exchange Account Opening

Depending on your trading style, I can connect you with the best exchanges that accept users from your country of residence, support the fiat/cryptocurrency pairs you need, and provide good liquidity and order execution. If you want to open an institutional account in the name of a corporate entity, I can also help arrange that.


Tax Planning and Strategy

Interested in tax planning opportunities that could result in massive savings? I can provide information on incentives such as the Puerto Rico capital gains tax exemption, investing in cryptocurrencies within a self-directed IRA structure, or moving abroad to other tax-friendly jurisdictions, and refer you to qualified CPAs and attorneys who understand crypto taxes in the US.

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