Revised could see nobody.

He listened, but heard nothing.

What are the basic rules for keeping a dog?

Nefertiti was famed for her beauty.

It looks like you were wrong.


In the exercise of his rights and freedoms, everyone shall be subject only to such limitations as are determined by law solely for the purpose of securing due recognition and respect for the rights and freedoms of others and of meeting the just requirements of morality, public order and the general welfare in a democratic society.

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I saw the film, which was not so good.

There's nothing you can do to help Julian.

Mara has done a very good job.


Hardly had we come home when it began to rain.

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He is leaning on the back of the chair.

I didn't mean to!

Can you check if the phone is out of order?

Does it bother you to stay here today?

Donnie rubbed his forehead.

I don't doubt your word, I doubt your ability.

He would often come to see us when I was a child.

The extraordinary greatness of the Roman Empire manifests itself above all in three things: the aqueducts, the paved roads, and the construction of the drains.

He has recovered completely and is now able to work again.


I've rewritten the sentence just for you.

I can be assertive if necessary.

Let's hope that tomorrow he'll transform himself again!

Following the demographic data, the government was obliged to adopt a policy that would stimulate birth rate.

Dan ordered a wedding cake.


He is tired of watching television.

We need some new ideas.

I think we should try again.

The very pure spirit does not bother about the regard of others or human respect, but communes inwardly with God, alone and in solitude as to all forms, and with delightful tranquility, for the knowledge of God is received in divine silence.

It's really not so bad.

Brad knows that he'll be punished.

I'm teaching myself to juggle.

I want to cut down any avoidable costs.

You don't need to be an artist in order to experience beauty every day.

Don't blame it on Robin.

We need to do something about this.

Where exactly are we going?

You take that back.

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He knows this town inside out.

He is known to everybody as a great ballplayer.

What's the minimum salary in Australia?

I love the genuine smiles!

Light the candle.

Yoshio persisted in believing that in spite of the evidence.

There was nothing noteworthy about the candidate's speech.

I hope we see you again soon.

Do you want to ride a unicorn to work? Because I do.

Marc still seems to be in love with Giovanni.

If I'd driven a little faster, we'd have gotten there on time.

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It is kind of you go out of your way to help me.

Watch the forest!

Many decisions are not closely related to life.

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After a deep sleep I feel very good.

We don't have to starve.

He took my barbs in his usual good-natured way.


Kyle and Murph have a very good relationship.

The teacher fell asleep in class and started snoring loudly.

I'm not in on Sunday.

She blames us.

This website is not suitable to study Arabic.

I wonder what is the point of asking such questions to the students?

Brazil has one of the highest crime rates in the world.

Apparently, having too few foes, the Americans like to provoke the enemies of their enemies rather than befriend them.

Any time will suit me.


Is this gift Laura's?


Some people say you should never assume anything.

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Won't you have some tea?

Thanks for helping him.

Juliet was fatally wounded in the battle.


There is no limit to human desire.


I'm happy with the result.


At that time, I had no idea what was going to happen.


She's short and fat.

I agree one hundred percent.

Hillary had intense feelings for Rajendra.

That's exactly what Jerrie was talking about.

Did you see her there?


It makes no sense at all.


Speech is external thought, and thought internal speech.

Why do I have to work with Michiel?

A trip to Korea for 3 nights and four days is 30,000 yen. That's super cheap.

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Brad works at a health food store.

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Joanne didn't anticipate that happening.

This is the first time I've read a book in Chinese.

He spat on the ground.

She started it.

Moses couldn't stop crying.

If I want it so badly, I need to cultivate it. I have no choice.

By the way, how many of you keep diaries?

You can't get away with this.

Brandon started crying as well.

I might need your help.

Because of the victory, he became a hero.


I must've told you that a hundred times already.

"I'll give you twenty bucks for it." "Nothing doing. Thirty dollars; take it or leave it." "Fine, then I guess I'll take my business elsewhere."

Raj needs a break.


My cellphone beeps if the battery is running low.

We all returned home.

What does this mean for you?

The more we spoil a child, the more problematic he will be.

I can't picture Seth in a dress.

John kept his head above the water.

Rain, and I don't have an umbrella.


The cat is inside the box.

The president's mind was seriously disturbed after the failed coup attempt.

The policemen spotted the mugger at a train station.

I worked hard to compensate for the loss.

Walk ahead of me.

Darryl apologized to Dick for his rudeness.

I can't stand cowards.

News of her pregnancy took her by surprise.

Brad doesn't know what's wrong with Saify.


It was out of the ordinary for Chris to behave so roughly.

I'd like to know why my name was deleted from the list.

Are you going to eat that bread?


My sister has very good handwriting.

To drive a car, you need a license.

Leaving something unfinished is the worst thing you can do.

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I have a red house.

The house is opposite the church. You can't miss it.

I'm not sure it's worth it.

She looked very young.

Neal switched on the microphone.

Guido needs to buy a new raincoat.

Why do you want to switch jobs?

She loves watching tennis matches on TV.

She asked me who had arrived first.

Jiri doesn't seem to be having any problems.

At times, we've struggled to keep the promise of liberty and equality for all of our people.

I don't want to let Jamie down.

To my surprise, he didn't know how to use the dictionary.


I thought you were dead.

Does Triantaphyllos have a boyfriend, yet?

I heard my dog barking, so I opened the curtains and looked outside.

I can still do that.

It nearly cost him his life.

Are you going to vote for her?

Helsinki is the capital of Finland.

They're our brothers.

Dawn didn't know when Jill's birthday was.

On Monday, his condition improved slightly.

I'm only doing my duty.

Dannie is old enough to decide for himself.

I got up early to catch the first train.

Brooke keeps an extra tie in his desk drawer at work.

Marci's skiing.

I intend to try.

I should have done this weeks ago.

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What time did you go to sleep?

She was all the more beautiful dressed in her wedding costume.

The water is in the bottle.

Harvey and Glen have just left.

You'd better get on with it.

The child threw a stone at the cat.

Can you get him to come to the theater?

You look like you've just lost your best friend.

Let's get back to the party.

You can't marry Takayuki.

Eliot has taken over his father's company.

The monastic life is no life for me.

He convinced us of his innocence.

You're an angel.

Dan didn't even have children.

I think Griffith conducts the orchestra brilliantly.

Are you seriously thinking about starting your own business?

Many native speakers of Japanese have trouble hearing the difference between B and V.

I was hoping to surprise them.

The wall is white on the inside and green on the outside.

Waves extinguish a wind.

She wants to travel to Antarctica, of all places.

The less I work, the less I want to work.