This happened every winter.

Cecilia was conservative.


I may seem confident, but I get extremely nervous speaking in front of people. My hands tremble, I get all tongue-tied, and sometimes I don't even know what I'm saying myself.

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I expected worse.

Tell them I'm coming back.

This steak has a good smell.

A truck was careering along the road.

We were all wondering where you went.


John Kennedy was just forty-three.

Jeany is said to have been a great singer in her youth.

Elvis does have a point.


I just can't believe Dori is dead.

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Applicants are requested to apply in person.

Kriton would've loved the concert.

When man and woman unite, work is no longer as tiring.

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You have changed since I saw you last year.


Please wait fifteen minutes.


That's how Toufic won.

He likes to take a solitary walk.

Maybe it won't make a difference.

Shean likes stories.

We should discuss this later.

This wasn't Ritalynne's fault.

I wanted to make sure you weren't having problems.

You shouldn't do drugs.

I'm very clever.


I'm not denouncing you.

My laser printer can also scan an image.

Some people made fun of my situation.

I'm looking forward to the party.

There was a general drop in prices.

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I see Ned here all the time.

How do I get to the beach?

Life without a credit card is hard.

The door closes automatically.

We need to show you something.

He explained it.

Pirates preyed upon unarmed merchant ships.

Thanks for letting me know.

The car drew in to let the truck pass.


George married my sister.

It gets a little frustrating.

I don't have anywhere else to turn.

It won't do you much good.

Kelvin branded the calf.


Jennie's a big, fat slob.

I'm responsible for what's happened.

While American methods are often successful, the Japanese educational system that produces the most literate people in the world surely has some lessons to teach the U.S.


Jerome and Jack live in a seedy rundown neighbourhood.


I need to study.

All was silent throughout the castle.

This is my red pencil.

What grade do you teach?

You want to talk, don't you?

Take care of yourself, and have a good time!

I feel much safer now.


There seems to be no one here.

Whether the characters in a book are real or completely imaginary, they can become your friends and companions.

The pain was excruciating.


That would be a good name for a band.

Tyler knows when to stop.

What are hymenoptera?

Not a soul was to be seen in the town.

Where did you try them on?

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I'll talk.


It looks like they're satisfied with the result.

Don't expect everyone to think the same way you do.

I paid for Kathy.


She was in tears.

Those pictures were painted by him.

Do good and cast it into the sea.

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It only took us fifteen minutes to complete the job.

How did it go?

She went on picnic in spirits.

I want to want.

Your hair looks nice.

There is no admission fee for children under five.

It's a delicate situation.

His books sell millions of copies.

Let's draw lots to decide who goes first.


Athletics are an important part of school life.

Tell Miles that I'm too tired to help him.

I'll do my homework after I watch television.

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Isaac knows that he can't win.

Sri is grinning.

He didn't even look at my face.

After school we play baseball with our classmates.

There is frost on the road.

If you meet an interpreter from Dutch to Maltese, marry her immediately.

This whisky is very strong.

Do you need baby clothes?

Gene put a Band-Aid over his small tattoo of a spider so he would be allowed into a Japanese hot spring.

Could you take a look at these papers?

Dawson's room is dirty.

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You were my best friend, Stephan.

How long were you in Japan?

When the full moon falls down on the roof at night, all the farmers are woken up.

I've always thought you didn't like me.

My teacher guided me in the choice of a career.


We don't have to try to reinvent the wheel.

Do you think Melinda is still alive?

Thank you for decorating my house.

With all due respect, I think they both had valid points.

They have hope.

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Beavers can cut down trees with their teeth.

I love beer.

Why does everyone hate Ragnar?


More than ever, a reform of the health care system is needed.

I don't have classes today.

What's your favorite fast-food restaurant?


Enjoy the day.


Thanks very much for staying with me.

I was late for the meeting with the result that I missed the most important part.

I just wanted it to be done.

He doled out the waffle batter with a large soup spoon.

She won't leave the room, because she doesn't want to catch another cold.

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Pravin said he had nothing else to do.


You owe us three hundred dollars.

She is an estate agent.

We would like you to join our company.


We're not sure yet.

Nicolo only cared about himself.

She won the beauty contest.

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You're disobeying orders.

I gave in to temptation and began to smoke a cigarette.

When will that occur?

They grow melons under glass.

A little quieter, please.


I can read Spanish easily.

Hey, look at that girl with her arms folded.

Hein should never have been allowed to do that.

Did you notice that?

At worst, I will get an average mark.

We can open the windows.

I will be back at half past six.

Maybe you're not as stupid as you look.

It wasn't reasonable.

Where did we get that information?

He's my uncle, because my father is his brother.

I've started smoking again.

I'm on holiday for four weeks.

It will cost me a lot to furnish my new apartment.

Rodent didn't intend to argue with Bucky.


I didn't know the truth until yesterday.

Mechael is trying to get Monty's attention.

The trip wasn't all good - I got food poisoning and my classmate got Dengue fever.

There's a yellow rose.

You may take my word for it.

I don't know when he came back from France.

It's impossible for me to be away from my wife for long.


How would you take these words?

It is a fact often observed, that men have written good verses under the inspiration of passion, who cannot write well under other circumstances.

Vincenzo was discharged from the army for conduct unbecoming an officer.

Nobody is his own enemy.

How many times must I say no?

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The document bore his signature.

You're asking me questions you already know the answers to.

Mott seems to be doing OK.

Mother Teresa began her work by looking around to see what was needed.

He had some money in an account that he'd set aside for his kids.

Put this scarf around your neck.

He was re-elected six years later.

I want you to get in the car.

I can't go when I haven't been invited.