This desk is mine.

The species will be made extinct by the end of this century.


My grandmother can't see very well.

I don't know how to cook.

Her father was a talented musician.

Dannie didn't give us much choice.

Himawan will be alright.

Listen, you can hear all the frogs starting to croak outside. At first I found them annoying, but I've gotten used to them now.

I can't even think about it.


Perhaps the only true dignity of man is his capacity to despise himself.

I am German.

Ravi has 12 siblings.

Preparations for a military intervention are in their final stages.

Sodium streetlights are being replaced by LEDs.

Izumi knows how to play mahjong, I think.

Some of the bluest water in the world is found in Crater Lake.

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I remember my parents telling me about that.

Did Sandeep really think I didn't know?

Mother bought me the book.


Take the book which is lying on that table.

A good brandy completes a fine meal.

The truth bears hatred.

Take your coat in case it rains.

Dawn's dew evaporates in the mild sunbeams.

The man is starving.

I want to put out the fire.


Hey what's the big idea?

I was speaking with Vic.

Private lessons are also available.

She knows who we are.

Did you leave the door open last night?


They like Harvey.

He is possessed with the ambition to rule over the world.

I name this ship the Queen Elizabeth.

I'm thinking of opening up a store.

That's as good a reason as any.


Andrea died in October three years ago.


Animal bodies are made up of cells.

The man driving the bus is a good friend of mine.

It snowed in Osaka.

The furniture belongs to my mother.

Many lives were lost.

Miriamne was half right.

Art is almost ready.


This was Marion's idea, wasn't it?

Before now, when you thought of a city, you thought of crowded streets, parking problems, traffic jams, queues, noise and fumes.

What did you want to talk with me about?

You seem to ask Dwight a lot of questions.

I don't know how to swim.

Why is she doing this?

She was beguiled by his sweet words.


I like to walk.

The problem is that our car will not be available on that day.

I hurried to the house only to find it empty.

We have to call Kelvin.

You think you got me pegged, don't you Neal?

Morning. Shall I dish up?

Sometimes I smoke just to give my hands something to do.

I held my breath in excitement.

Kim is two years older than him.


I don't know what's going to happen to you.

You can replace a little bit of the white flour with rye flour.

By and large, your idea is a good one.

He got the first prize in a 100m race.

The motive for the murder is not yet known.

Strike on the back, but never on the stomach.

I have been living like a wolf trapped in a snare.


We've got to stay awake.


Alf pretended he didn't know Glen.

Have you heard of him?

My car is covered in pigeon poop.


She is getting better day by day.

You want something from me, don't you?

We'd like to speak to Kristen.

She burned herself while lighting a cigarette.

This is not at all what Kyle expected.

He's very straightforward.

Antonella didn't rest for a moment.


Do you know which one of those boys is Sally?

I really appreciate it.

If we don't thoroughly examine the cause of bullying, bullying will probably never go away.

What did you say in relation to what happened yesterday?

Did you really see Josh kissing Walter?

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Detective Dan Anderson gave Linda a routine polygraph test.


I ran to school, but the bell had already rung.

We are going to travel abroad this summer.

I'm sorry I gave you a hard time.

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Our resources are limited.

Wolf shared Teruyuki's pain.

That makes me happy.


It seemed likely.

Douglas never really wanted to be here.

My father couldn't afford a car, when he was young.

Won't somebody please think of the children?!

The cuffs of his suit jacket are badly frayed.

Let's ask Sharada when he thinks he'll arrive.

You've lost it.

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I thought doing this would be easy, but we've been working all day and we're still not finished.

I only have a minute.

What a pity.

Spudboy has gone camping.

He should have been an actor.

What's the weather forecast for tomorrow?

I told you I'd protect you.

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Soon after this Kay came in again, with thick gloves on his hands, and his sledge slung across his back.


She's not as tall as he is.

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Love is the most beautiful surprise.


I'll send a message to him.


Have you seen James medical records?

Notice how the player uses his elbows.

The discussion was being cancelled.

The dam gave way and sent a great flush of water down the valley.

Even though I plucked up courage to invite Warren to a film, she stood me up.

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He was looking at her.

"You're interested in this sort of thing?" "No, not really."

The student missed class three times in a row.

You don't want everyone to know, do you, Jill?

I am surprised that she should have changed so much.

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Archie led the way out of the cave.


The dictator abused his privileges to his heart's content.

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I'd like to know the reason why.

He was finally arrested.

George was the high sport of the evening.


My mom doesn't want me to play with you.

Where's the nearest tavern?

Try to get your thoughts in order.

This bridge is made of wood.

I had to refuse her offer.

He's a master craftsman.

Everyone likes her.

The word came to be used for all small heavenly bodies revolving about larger ones.

You can do it like this.


I promised myself I wouldn't do this again.

Kenn showed me his picture.

Linda is wearing a new pair of shoes.

Eventually, he forgot about the incident.

Professor Hudson is my father's friend.

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We were worried about them.

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Do you think it will fit?

Dawson is taking care of the kids.

What is the price?

I'd like to meet Murray's sister.

I didn't hurt that reporter. You're trying to make me look like the bad guy in the story.

Which do you prefer?

It has nothing to do with me.

Corey usually takes a short snooze after lunch.

He had friends all over the world.

Mara is a minor.

Lois didn't come, nor did Jane.

The project to build a new sports center has fallen through for lack of adequate funds.

I'm sure that it'll be fun!


If you say that to your mother, she'll kill you!

Get up, Ronald! Your mother has made you a sweet roll.

She knows nothing about your family.


Many things have changed in the last five years.

"Thank you very much for everything." "You are welcome."

The coal in the stove is burning.

I'll try to memorize it.

The school yard is shaded.

Kim's smile was very sweet.

Now we come to the first agenda item.

We'll try to do what we can.

It is good to keep studying all your life.


My legs are weak.